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The Andy Warhol Type Effect

Get the Andy Warhol Style Filter effect to paint portraits of your friends...its easy! Simply bring the image in and select Warhol from the list of effects (and apart from Warhol there are 141 other effects):

You can click on Next Example to see some other examples, or Fine Tune to change colors and numbers of images, as shown below:

You can choose exactly which colors you want where. Simply click on the preview to select different colors for that "subimage".

Here are some more examples:

Repligator's Andy Warhol Type Effect

In the dialog box for the Warhol Type Effect all you have to do is select how many images you want, how many inks Andy can use, and how much splodge there'll be.

Here is another example of the dialog box for the Warhol Type Effect:

Warhol Filter Settings

Here is another example of the Repligator's Warhol Type Effect applied to a photograph

More examples of using the Andy Warhol Type Effect here and here. See also the Pollock and PopArt Effects, and Images of Pets. How to quickly combine effects with Repligator, an example with Sepia and Warhol.

The Andy Warhol Style Filter is just one of the 150 Easy to use graphics effects in Repligator, the PRO version of which costs only $19.99, try the free demo by clicking on the download button below

A free demo version of Repligator is available:

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