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Photo effects can really create dynamic changes to apparently static images, look at the following screenshots:

Photo effects revitalize your photos old and new

In the above screen shot you can see the sepia effect, the postcard effect, the colored outline effect, the clouds effect, the lightening in odd places effect, the ditisies frame effect, the cubist effect, the rainbow effect and, just about, the Paul Klee effect.

Strange effects with special effects

In the screenshot above you can see the clouds effect, the mosaic effect, the two tone effect, and the stipple effect.

Photo effect on Barcelona street artist

This screen shot shows how easy it is to make a vignette using an effect mixed with an original image. As you can see from the dialog the effect is "tinted negative", and it is being mixed as an elliptical vignette with the original photo.


In all the program has 150 effects, click on the button to try the free trial version:

Download the free demo now


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