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Use Repligator to add effects to you digital scrapbooking photos

Repligator is a very simple to use image effect program, simply drag your image into the program and let Repligator choose the effect to apply. If you don't like it you can choose your own effect from the 150 available. Here are a few examples

Click for Art Effects

Click for complete list of filters

Download the free demo and try it now!

Apart from the effects and filters mentioned above, if you are a digital scrapbooker you will also be interested in the striations effect, the sepia effect, and hwo to achieve a tapestry effect.

As a digiscrapper you should need to know how to print your creations so that they last a long time, so that your great great grandchildren can have an idea of your world. This article about image conservation will help you keep your images fresh and colorful.

Remember to conserve your images, click here for an article about the dangers of digital archiving.


Special Effects for your photos

How to create a Newsprint version of a photograph
Newsprint Effect

Sepia Effect

Old Film Effect

Blue China Effect

Duotone EffectHow to make a duotone image

Roy Lichtensten Effect


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