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The Cylindrical Mirror Effect.

You can look at your images as if through a cylindrical mirror, as shown below.

The dialog box for changing the settings is very easy to use, simply click on the preview where you wat the center of the mirror to be and use the slider to change the radius of the mirror.

Simply set the radius of the mirror and click on the preview image to change the center of the mirror, as you can see in the dialog below:

Most of this program's effects which have a "center" use this simple technique for selecting it, just point in the preview! Here is another example, maybe the mirror is a shiny kitchen utensil:

Complete list of 150 effects.

If you like this effect you may also be interested in the Under Glass, Underwater, and the Horizon Ripples Effects. Remember that you can download Repligator's free demo and try the amazing easy to use filters on your own photos:

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