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This powerful effect can make ordinary photos amazingly dynamic and colorful, as you can see from the image below:

Chrome Effect Filter

The dialog box gives you full control over how the filter changes your original photograph:

This is just one of 150 effects in Repligator. Here is another example of using this effect:


Turning photos into Warhol art prints

Warhol Style Effect

Sepia Effect

Half Tone Newsprint Effect

Blue Chine Spode

Duotone EffectHow to make a duotone image

Roy Lichtensten Effect

Scanlines Effect Filter
Scanlines Effect

I am working on a special event and want to use sepia-tone posters.  My version of Adobe photoshop did not have the filter, so I "googled."  Your company was the first one listed.  Since I have limited graphic skills, I appreciate the ease of transforming the photo.  The framing is another great options since we use classroom photos for our homemade Christmas cards.

-K T



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