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How to turn your photo into colored beads.

The "Beads Effect" is very simple to use, as you can see in the dialog box screenshot below:

It is that easy! You may also be interested in the Mosaic Effect.

To testify how easy Repligator is to use, here in an email from one of our customers:

"I was specifically looking for special effects for photographs so used a Google search. I was pleased to arrive at your website which clearly showed the special effects achievable in such a user friendly way. I hadn't heard of Repligator before. I am by no means expert at using computers (or cameras) but have managed to create some pretty amazing pictures without getting help!"
- Anne M

Click here to try the free demo and find out for yourself

Warhol Style Effect

Sepia Effect

Half Tone Newsprint Effect

Blue Chine Spode



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