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Artistic Effects

Repligator has 150 effects, many of them Artistic Effects. You can change your normal photos into works of art by Jackson Pollock, Paul Klee, Andy Warhol, Van Gogh! Here is a screenshot of the program:

Screenshot of Repligator Version 18

Here are some examples of the images you can create with Repligator. Some use the mixing options. See also "Art Effect Portraits".

Examples of Artistic Effects

This is a nice but normal image. The images which follow show how Repligator can add interest and artistic effects to your photos.

Boats on lake

Van Gogh Artistic Effect

Textile Warp Print Artistic Effect

Cubist Effect

Sepia Photo Effect

Andy Warhol Art Effect

These are just a few of the Repligator's 150 effects.

Repligator Home version costs $9.95, try the free demo by clicking on the download button below:



Windows compatible effects program


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