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How to easily apply art effects to your photos

Repligator (both Home and PRO) has 150 effects, many of them Art Effects. You can change your digital photographs into works of art by Jackson Pollock, Paul Klee, Andy Warhol, Van Gogh, among others! This is a page of examples. Some people use the mixing options. Download the free demo now to see how easy it is!

Below is a nice but normal photo. The images which follow show how you can add interest and artistic effects to your photos.

Boats on lake

Simply bring this image into Repligator and select the Mad Artist effect to get this result:

Van Gogh Effect

Or you may like to try the Warp Print effect...

Textile Warp Print Effect

...or the Cubist Effect...

Cubist Effect

Of course there is the Sepia Vignette...

Sepia Photo Effect

... and the Andy Warhol multiple screen print effect...

Andy Warhol Art Effect

... and lots of other weird filters to try!

Edges Effect

These are just a few of the Repligator's 150 effects. Download the free demo and see for yourself how easy and fun applying special effects to your photos can be! And don't forget the stubble brush effect!

Other Paint Effects

Art effects applied to a photo portrait.

A duotone portrait.


I was searching the Internet for an application that I could use to turn my photographs into black and white. When I saw Repligator. I downloaded the trial and liked it so I decided to buy it -

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