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If you need custom version of any of the programs just contact me using the contacts page. I also develop plugins for Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk AutoCAD.

Apart from the products on the home page of this site I have has also produced the software shown below.

I wrote LENICALC, a Windows program for the calculation of LENI (EN 15193-1 standard)
Owen Ransen's "Inventor Programming in C/C++" is an online book packed with tips, examples and code fragments. It is an ideal companion to any Inventor C++ programmer.
Software for the analysis of LED colors for LEDs used in the new generation of luminaires. The software analyses the spectrum of the LED and calculates CRI and Color Temperature.
Software for the analysis of material surface colors for the production of high quality interior design oriented lighting. The sampled color is compared with color data from a materials/products archive.
PhotoView (from OxyTech) is a photometric file viewer and editor with batch capabilities. It also calculates various luminaire and lighting classifications, and accepts LDT IES OXL and other photometry file formats.
Automatically Guided Vehicle Synoptic displays based on DXFs of factory layouts with the AGV's position and status shown in real time. These displays were used in factories all over the world
  Synoptic DXF display
Owen Ransen was technical director of Concurrent Images in Tokyo Japan. He wrote the ray-tracing software which used 16 processors in parallel to produce animation for Japanese advertising and television companies.
Owen Ransen wrote MoonLite for Martini Illuminazione of Modena, Italy. It was one of the first photometric rendering programs which combined ray tracing with radiosity to give a photorealistic and photometrically correct result. It had two parts, a standalone EXE for Rendering and a plugin for AutoCAD.

Owen Ransen's "Candelas Lumens and Lux" is a brief and light introduction to the concepts and mathematics of illumination, and can be used as the basis for a short course aimed at architrects, civil engineers, road engineers, photographers and interior designers.

Kindle version now available.

Candelas Lumens and Lux book cover
"Ransen's ObjectARX Course" was a CD based interactive set of tutorials on programming AutoCAD in C++ using ARX, the successor to the AutoCAD Development System (ADS).
Owen Ransen wrote "AutoCAD Programming in C/C++" to teach how the new AutoCAD programming system which replaced AutoLISP could be used to create AutoCAD plugins.
  AutoCAD Programming in C/C++



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