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How to import 3d point coordinates into Solidworks.

The program can easily read lists of points (from Excel or Access or plain text files, even via the Windows clipboard). It then creates a Solidworks compatible DXF file which you can read in.

It handles 2D and 3D coordinates and has been used in conjunction with Google Earth, Excel and 3D Route Builder helping a professional racing team build 3D track maps.

Here is an overview of what Pointor does and how simple the concept is:

How to import coordinates into Solidworks...

There is a free demo, so it is a no risk purchase, the price is right too: only $69.99 (click here to go to the order page) .

Here is a small screenshot which shows you just some of the functions:

Point import commands and screenshot

There is a free demo available...

Download Pointor Free Demo Now

...so you can try out your data before buying ($69.99), and if you have any questions about formats don't hesitate to contact me.

The program runs under Windows XP, VISTA, 7 and Windows 8 beta.






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