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Import, view and save as DXF, lists of points from Excel, Access, and text files.

Use Pointor to quickly and graphically view lists of points, and save them to CAD compatible DXF files. This standalone utility let you quickly analyse and transform your raw point data. It also has as DXF to pointlist conversion.

Point List to DXF Example Image

Dxf to list of points conversion

  • Save hours of work, import lists of points quickly.
  • Save to a DXF file, ready for reading by AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, MicroStation etc.
  • Import from GPS, GIS, and land survey data.
  • View lists graphically.
  • Copy image to clipboard.
  • Import lists from Excel and Access via the clipboard.
  • Print image.
  • See text preview before importing.
  • See graphical preview before importing.
  • Choose layers for DXF export.
  • Search for points with specific numbers or codes or descriptions.
  • Choice of delimiters and formats.
  • Measure distances easily and quickly.
  • No need for AutoCAD.
  • Visualize clouds of points.
  • Import CR5 format pointlists.

One way you can think about Pointor is as an Excel (or Access or...) to DXF program, with built in viewer!. See the screen shot for more information.


Larger dialog screenshot.


How to convert a list of points to a DXF file.

TDS data collector files

Example of use, 1, example of use, 2.

Compatibility with XP and Vista...


As well as the normal Windows format help file there is also online help.

Virtual Crash and Pointor

Previous versions, for 32 bit V10 see here, for 32 bit XP see here).








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