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PointList and DXF correspondence.

Once you have created the DXF file from you point list using Pointor you may like to confirm that the DXF file has the points in the correct places in your CAD system, for example AutoCAD. This is only usually a problem if:

  1. You have used an incorrect import format, for example PNEZD instead of PENZD.
  2. You are importing the Pointor generated file into an existing AutoCAD drawing, and that AutoCAD drawing has a different scale or offset.

Here is how to make sure that AutoCAD and Pointor agree. While in Pointor place the cursor on a point you know the position of and check that the status bar gives you the correct read out:


Chcking Pointlist DXF files in Pointor, before export


When you import the DXF (created from your pointlist) into AutoCAD import it with a 0,0,0 origin, a scale of 1.0 and a rotation of 0°. These are by then way the defaults for DXF import into AutoCAD, other CAD programs may differ.

Now you can check the positions of the points just as you did inside Pointor. In AutoCAD use F6 to switch on the coordinates readout, then place the cursor over a known point and check that the data is what you expect:


Checking DXF files in AutoCAD


If you are trying the Pointor demo and have any questions about pointlists and DXFs in AutoCAD just contact me. If you haven't got the Pointor demo you can try it out by downloading it now:

Download Pointor to try your onw data


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