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Testimonials for Pointor (List of points to CAD, DXF to list of points)

Pointor is an ideal tool for any accident reconstructionist who performs crash scene surveys with a Total Station. My firm performs many scene inspections for our clients, and having a tool like Pointor PRO is critical to speeding up our workflow. In just seconds, you can have your measurements saved to dxf format for use in your favorite CAD or accident reconstruction utility!

- Bob Scurlock, Ph.D., ACTAR #2412

Pointor is an excellent software in terms of providing various visualization functionalities for the dxf file and converting it into a pointlist. Me and a team of researchers are currently working on disrupting some modelling tools and Pointor has been very helpful to us for taking the first step in the process.

-Bhavana G.

Glad to have found this valuable engineering software - I could not easily work without Pointor. Keep up the good work!


Pointor really is an excellent program. I find it indispensable for converting csv files to dxf and beyond. Thanks

Kevin H

Very handy software, BTW, especially as my old Nikon converter does not work under Win8.1 and Autocad stopped allowing csv imports many years ago. I like the way that it can take a Trimble csv file and extract all the layers - made my life that bit easier - thanks.

Paul D.

Pointor is working well. If I get any further feedback from the users I will let you know. As for our use we are using it to bring in survey data from a Trimble GPS into AutoCAD. We only have one copy of surfer and so needed a cheaper alternative.


"We needed to import XY data into Solidworks and your software worked perfectly by allowing us to do this via dxf.

The option to import as circles instead of points saved us quite a bit of time since we would normally have to do this manually after import. I found a link to your page in a CAD forum after doing a search for 'importing XY data into Solidworks'. Pointor is doing exactly what we need, and doing it well."

Rob C

Sam Terry, a senior accident reconstructionist based in Las Vegas, said: "Pointor is the ideal tool for many of the pointlist to DXF jobs I have to do all the time. It is just so quick and easy to use." Click on the image below to find out more.

DXF crash reconstruction


"I found out about the program from a forum site dealing with Autocad issues. It has been very difficult to find a program that will import a text file as 3D points and to display the point numbers and codes with XYZ coordinates. The Pointor program is just what I was looking for and it is very easy to use. If I have any suggestions I will let you know but for the time being I am very happy with it."

- A. N. M.

I was in need of a simple tool that could translate a .csv list of points in to a DXF format. I'd tried using AutoCAD but for some reason the final output DXF couldn't be read by an industry specific (railway engineering) software program I was using. Plus AutoCAD was overkill for this task.

I tried the demo of Pointor and found it very simple to create the output DXF that could be read by the industry software I was using.

The point lists I have define templates of rail head profiles that I need for comparison with in-service rail measurements. From time to time we change the profile we use (by rail grinding) and I needed this simple tool to update the templates.

At this stage I don't have any suggestions - the software does exactly what I need it to and I did not find it difficult to figure out how to use.

- Mike H

I have now used the program and it is great. I am using it instead of Arcgis and for xml to dxf/dwg its actually more convenient. I found it by searching for "dbf to dwg converter" in google.

- R M


TurboCad, Pointor and Airfoils

Pointlist to airfoil

"I while back I spent a lot of time developing a series of airfoils for small indoor flying scale model aeroplanes. My profile data is a lot of X Y coordinates (240 pairs being typical) that are painful to enter and plot in my CAD system (TurboCad Pro).

It did not take me long to figure out how to get the results I wanted and the sample curve went straight into TurboCad without any problems so I purchased the full version. At present I will use Pointer to plot airfoils from tabulated data but I expect I will find other applications for Pointor in the future."

- P. Buttler

"What a treat, my points have just gone from my CDS Foresight program via a points list into Autocad Civil 3D with no fuss or bother."

- Alex

"I was looking for a way to quickly convert survey point files in the form of PNEZD or PENZD or XYZ. I also need to import DXF files and extract list of points in ASCII and Pointor is perfect for that. A clear simple and very useful application."

- Giovanni, an Italian architect.

"I was doing a detailed search for how to convert CSV/Excel to DXF for Autocad import (in the old days for R14 we had a LISP setup we used but the institutional knowledge disappeared). After about 3 hrs of web search, and not wanting to buy programs without trying them out, I stumbled on your program. Works like a charm for my application, which is taking data from non-friendly Trimble GPS data exported to CSV and converting to DXF for Autocad.

I immediately liked it for the user friendly GUI and the immediate preview; . After trying, no issue with purchasing.

I've finished converting 33 CSV files from CSV into DXF.

The ability to cut off rows at the top of data is great.

I've imported several conversions and I really like the fact that everything is on different layers with colours and text sizes that can be modified."

How to convert CSV / Excel to DXF

"I was looking for an application that is able to turn .csv files to dxf - and Pointor does just that, in seconds!"

- P. Parini

"I use Pointor a lot to convert the topo breakline data files into 3-D autocad dxf files. It works perfectly every time."

- Albert Deager

"I had a ton of points I needed to plot urgently them in and from AutoCAD. Pointor is ideal for that job!"

- Stressed but Satisfied

"I investigate car accidents and sometimes I can create an Excel file with the vehicle positions, at other times we get the police point measurements. In these cases I need to import the points file into Autocad. Yesterday I was in a hurry to get the files imported, and your product did the job immediately!

Excel file with the vehicle positions

- A.N.M.

"I use Pointor in different domains (oceanography, seismic operations, landsurvey...). very often I record hundreds of points per day, and When I have to report to my clients, or their rep on the field, I have to show them graphically the job done."

Oceanography, seismic operations, landsurvey...

- Joe E.

"I chose it because it was just what I needed. I do not need a program to download from GPS, but I do want to be able to move GPS data to a CAD program. I have only started to use your program but I like it very much already. It is quick and the display of data very useful."

- Phoebe

"I have downloaded Pointor successfully and have tried it on some Excel data and it solves the problem I had. Just what I was looking for.

My hobby is CNC woodworking, and I wanted to use graphical material developed mathematically in Excel. So I had to have some way of converting Excel files to .dwg or some other format that my CNC controller recognizes. As it turned out Pointor did that exactly.

Being able to download a trial version made it possible for me to see if it worked for me before I purchased it. Thank you for that!"

- Glen

"Today I purchased your Pointor software. Thanks very much for making it! Works perfectly. I am using it to extract points from polylines in DXF files. I am exporting or pasting these into Excel. Into Excel, I can get the P and E flags for start and end of polylines by clicking on the table in your PointList window, pressing Control-A and Control-C, then pasting that information into Excel. Magic!"

How to get a point list from a DXF file

- R. B

"My interest is in loading borehole data into a DXF file. Right now, I'm using TurboCAD to create 2-D and 3-D site maps.I am trying to integrate facility data with geophysical log data to create 3-D visualizations of subsurface contamination.Conventional software for this tends to rely on geostatistics, but that really isn't approriate for this type of dataset. (too much to key in, but too little for valid geostatistical assessment)."
- H.C.

"I was working on a surveying class project and I needed to input 400 points. And I did not want to do it one at a time. I am new to AutoCAD but I was just about able to stumble through the process. With Pointor though, it was a doddle!. Thank you."
- G.Z.

"Pointer has met every need that I had when I purchased it last year"
- Bob Mellen

"We use Pointor in our surveys of motor vehicle crash scenes, then that data is used to create drawings for reports and the drawings (as DXF files) which is imported into crash reconstruction programs."
- A.H.C.



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