- . -


- 2 -

2 sided coin

2 sided medal

- 3 -

32 bit

3d printing bowls (upside down)

3D view and OpenGL

3d viewing shortcut

- 6 -

64 bit

- A -

Angle of Solid Arc

Arc, settings of the solid arc

aspect ratio rectangular slab

- B -

Back And Front Images

back view

background greyscale

borders and vignettes

borders around images (positioning images)

bowl from slice of sphere

bowl height percentage

bowl shape

bracelet example

Bug, send me the log file


- C -


Certificate Trust List error


Coin object

coin with 2 sides

configuration saving and loading



Crash, send me the log file

crop an image

cylinder diameter

cylinder height

cylinder settings

cylindrical object image positioning

- D -

Debugging and Logging

delete an image

dialog help for main dialog

diameter of cylinder

dimension units

disable logging

Disk object

display lists on and off

DXF file import for polyline extrusion

- E -

equators in sphere setup

erase an image

error, Certificate Trust List

exchange images

extrusion of polygons

extrusion of polylines

extrusion of shapes

extrusions as shapes

- F -

flat shape object

front view

- G -

getting started

graphics and OpenGL

- H -

height of cylinder

height of mesh

heightfields and transfer functions


hollow sphere

hollow sphere from bowl shape

How to get the image to be continuous with the 3D surface.

how to make a bowl

How to make a cylinder

how to make a hollow sphere

How to make a solid arc

how to make a solid sphere

how to make a sphere slice

how to make a surface of revolution

how to make lithophanes

how to put two images on one object

how to save my settings

how to set the position of the image

How to set vignettes?

how to smooth object surfaces

how to view back and front images

how to view the object as lines and dots

how to view the solid from different angles

- I -

image cropping

image deletion

image exchange

image file for lithophane

image import wizard

image on bottom of a bowl

image on surface

image placement

image position

image positioning tutorial

image rotation

image size

image swapping

image vignette tutorial

image wizard

images on object

Images, viewing back and front



- J -

jaggedness reduction

- K -

keyboard shortcuts

- L -

left view



limits and transfer function

lithophane depth examples

lithophane settings

lithophanes, rectangular

loading settings

lock y dimension

Log file

Logging and Debugging

- M -

main dialog


Medal object

medal with 2 sides

meridian in sphere setup

mesh height

mesh smoothing



- N -

new in this version

- O -

object with two images

oblate spheres

open an image file for lithophane

OpenGL debugging

OpenGL drivers and settings

OpenGL version


other settings for revolution surface


overview of main dialog

- P -

panning the 3d object

polygon extrusions

polyline extrusion

position of images on cylindrical objects

Positioning images on the surface of objects


profile of surface of revolution



- Q -

quarter sphere

quick start

- R -

R7, what's new

rectangular lithophanes

rectangular solid

reduce jaggedness

registry and logging

remove an image

revolution profile

Revolution surfaces

right view

ring for finger example

rotate an image

- S -


samples, number of them

saving settings

settings load

Settings of Solid Arc

settings save

shape object

site license

size of image on surface

slab thickness for lithophanes

slice of sphere

smoothing meshes

smoothing slider value

Solid Arc

solid sphere

Sphere Slice settings

Spheres and spheroids

STL Certificate Trust List error

STL error, Certificate Trust List error

STL file transfer function


Surfaces of revolution

swap images

switch off logging

- T -


three quarter sphere

top view

transfer function


tutorial: image positioning

twist with polygonal extrusions

Two Image Viewing

two images on same object

- U -


- V -

V7, what's new


version 7, what's new

view as dots

view as faces

view as lines

viewpoint in 3d view

Vignette settings

vignettes for image edge smoothing

- W -

wall thickness

wall thickness for lithophanes

why use vignettes?

wizard, image import

- X -

X Samples

- Y -

Y Samples