Units and Dimensions for PhotoToMesh and 3D printing

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PhotoToMesh produces STL files for 3D Printers. Internally STL files are unitless, i.e. they are not in feet fathoms furlongs or millimeters. But many 3D printers interpret (or can be set to interpret) the numbers inside STL files as mm.


I find it easiest to work in mm and imagine that the dimensions in the various PhotoToMesh dialogs are in mm.


You can set the numeric sizes in the main dialog:




For a rectangular object the base height and mesh height are both in the Z direction and are defined like this:




The sum of the two heights is the maximum thickness of the object, where the "highest mesh area" is.


Even if you invert the mesh the sum is still the maximum thickness:




For cylinders the height and diameter is specified like this:




And the Wall Thickness and Mesh Height are defined like this:




Similarly for other objects like bowls and solid arcs etc.


For some example settings see this page on lithophanes.