Two Image Import

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This page explains how to put two different images on the same object.


A classic example of having two bas reliefs on a single object would be a coin. Using the medal mesh we can created a two sided coin.


The first step is to make sure you have "Show Front Image" selected, as shown below, and then to open the file you want on the front of the coin:





Choose your image, select "Medal Mesh" as the Solid Shape and you'll get something like this:




Now click on "Show Back Image" and select your image file as before:





Now you'll see the image you've loaded, but not in the 3D view because it is on the "back":




Rotate the 3D image (the one in blue and gold) by dragging the mouse over it and you'll be able to see the back of the medal/coin too:





Whenever you have an object with two images on it you can set separately the image placement and the vignette settings. Choose "Show Front Image" or "Show Back Image" then click on either "Vignette settings..." or "Image Placement...".


Another use for having images on different sides of an object is a bracelet or ring:




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