Surfaces of revolution

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A few settings give you an amazing variety of objects, as shown below:




Once you have brought your image in you need to click on the "Solid Shape" combo box and choose "Revolution":




Next you will need to set...


1.What sort of surface of revolution you are going to make, the shape of the profile.
2.Where to place the image on the surface.


Click on "Other settings..." button and you'll get this dialog:




The vertical "Total Height" slider is the total height (z dimension) of the object. The "Center Height %" is where the lower curve stops and where the upper curve starts.


Currently in PhotoToMesh you can only have two "curves" an upper one an a lower one. Where they meet is determined by "Center Height %".


If you click on "Solid Object" then the object has no walls and the "Wall Thickness" will be greyed out.


The two check boxes "Upper End Closed" and "Lower End Closed" allow you close the hollow object, (but only in certain circumstances).


The Upper, Middle, and Lower radii controls let you make the object fatter and thinner at different places along the profile.


The upper and lower parts of the profile can be an arc or a line. In the above dialog "Arc" has been selected for both.


Now click on "OK" and then on "Recreate Model" in the main dialog.


Click here to find out how to position an image on a surface.


What sort of profiles can you make? Here are some examples:



And here is a real example printed at low res with a DaVinci V1