Spheres and Spheroids

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Most of the setting up to create spherical objects is done in the main dialog of PhotoToMesh:




Set the "Solid Shape" combo to be "Spherical Mesh". Then you can change all three dimensions of the sphere, they have all be set to 120 in the example above.


If any one of the 3 dimensions is different from the other 2 you end up with "oblate" spheres, which may be useful if you want a flattish but curved object, like a flat pebble for example:




In the above case I've set the x diameter to 20, leaving y and height of meridian (z) the same, 120.


You can use the "Image Placement..." button to move the image around on the surface.


If you make y smaller than the other two dimensions then the image will be placed on the "sharp side" of the oblate sphere:





Note how x and meridian are set to 120, while y is set to only 60.


As an aside note that I've used vignette settings to smooth the edges of the rectangular photo.


The "Other settings..." lets you make the sphere hollow or solid. But some printers fill even hollow spheres, and if your printer is like that, you can make hollow spheres using bowls.


To see if your closed object is hollow change theview settings to View as Dots:





If you uncheck Solid Sphere...