Sphere Slice

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In V5 this was called, incorrectly, a hemisphere.


A hemisphere has an opening 180°, but with this object you can have from 10° to 350°. Here is how you change that setting:




Here are three examples of the Sphere Slice with different included angles:





The image does not need to be stretched to cover the whole object, you can use the image placement setting to stretch, squash and adapt it as you want.


Apart from the included angle setting there are diameter, thickness and mesh height settings, as shown below:




Like the bowl object it migth be wise to change the placement of the object on the printer base in such a way that there is a solid contact. Maybe one of the edges would be best. This depends on your printer and your printer'sm software.



To get a bowl effect with the image on the "bottom" of the bowl use these settings, note the included angle of 180°: