Solid Arc

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I can imagine many people using this type of object to create custom bracelets with their 3d printers. Since some printers have a restricted size it is sometimes hard to create a whole object in them. With PhotoToMesh's solid arc object you can create a bracelet as 2 3 4 or even 5 different objects, connected together with thread or chains.


Here's a third of a celtic bracelet:




Notice to get a third of the 360° of a whole bracelet I set the Degrees Angle to 120. I could print this object three times, or use a different image on each third, while still keeping to the celtic dog theme:




And the last third could be like this:



PhotoToMesh will not create all three parts in one go, you have to make each STL file one by one.


I leave how you physically connect these three celtic bracelet thirds into one item as an exercise for the reader.