Flat Shapes (extruded polylines)

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This solid is based on shapes read from DXF files. PhotoToMesh has a set of shapes included by default. You can choose those defaults as shown below:





(Each shape is actually a single polyline inside a DXF file, explained later.)


As far as the sizes are concerned the Size parameter is the width of the object you'll create and the Base Thickness is as shown below:





On top of the base thickness is the variation due to the photograph, called the "Height" of mesh in the screenshot above.


You can load your own DXF files by clicking on the Choose your own DXF... button The polyline needs to have these characteristics:


1.It is 2D.
2.A real polyline, not a sequence of separate lines.
3.Should not contain any arcs.
4.Should be closed.
5.Should have between 3 and 100 verticies.
6.The polyline should not cross itself.
7.The shape should not contain any holes.


Example polylines to form shaoes:




As you can see the shapes must be quite simple.



(See also the Extruded Polygons, where the image is placed on the side of the extrusion.)