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A new shape in V6 of PhotoToMesh is the Bowl shape. (The badly named Hemi Sphere, by the way, has been renamed Sphere Slice to reflect the its actual shape.) Here is an example bowl:




In this case I've made the x and y extents different so it is more like a squashed bowl.


This is how the GUI looks like to produce the above 3D printed object:




Note that Y equator and height of meridian are both 40, while X equator is 20. That is what gives it the squashed appearance. Also note that you need to click on Other Settings to set how much of the whole sphere you want to be part of the bowl.


So first imagine how you want your spheroid to be (squashed as in the above example) and then decide how much of the spheroid will form your bowl. Note the settings in red in the two images below:





In the above the bowl "occupies" 75% of the STL spheroid. In the example below the bowl "occupies" 35% of the sphere:




Note also that I've made the bowl come out of a proper sphere, all dimensions are set to the same value, 40.


To make a hollow sphere with a small hole at the top set the Bowl Height % to its maximum of 98%.


The normal way of applying an image to the bowl is around the circumference. But it is also possible to apply the image to the bottom of the bowl:




To get this effect click on the "Image on bottom of bowl" option in the "other settings" button for the bowl. This is an experimental option in V6 and you'll probably need to play with all the settings to get the effect you want.


Note that you may want to print the bowl upside down, so that the rim of the bowl is on the base of your printer. How you do this depends on your printer's software, but most allow you to do this. Below is one I did like that:




If you want the image on the bottom of a bowl which is 50% of a sphere an alternative is the Sphere Slice object, with 180° included angle.


Here are some more ideas for objects made with the bowl: