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New in Version 7 of PhotoToMesh

Full 64 bit program (all previous versions were 32 bit).

Many more shapes for flat lithophanes... Stars, Polygons, Crescent Moons...

If you have a CAD program you can design your own shapes and use them in PhotoToMesh V7...
Images on two sides of a single object. You can make, for example, bracelets with one name on the outside and another name on the inside. Or bowls or rectangular slabs.
Faster preview rotation. Using OpenGL display lists means that rotation and zoom are 100 times faster.
Smoothing is now an easy to understand percentage slider.
The bowl object is a new addition. It can make shallow bowls as well as hollow spheres with a small hole at the top. It can be decorated inside and out.
More comprehesive help, with index.
Settings files can be dragged and dropped into the main window.
Different viewpoints can be accessed immediately and simply using the View menu or the keyboard.


Just in case you have a version earlier than V4 (and you can still buy this old version) here is what was new in V4:

Spherical Objects. You can make pure spherical objects, or oblate spheres, choosing the three dimensions to be different from one another. You can create hollow or solid spheres. Speherical STL file for 3D printer
Surfaces of Revolution. You can create an infinity of shapes, just make your the profile and click on OK! Rotational STL files for 3D printers and CNC machines
Hollow extruded polygons. Place your image on a hollowed out cube or prism or... Polygonal Extrusions (STL files for 3D printers and CNC machines)
Different ways of viewing the objects, as dots or lines. This can help in seeing what is going on "inside" an object. Seeing inside an STL file
Image Placement. Now you can choose not only the size of the image on the object, but also its position. You do this with a preview dialog and 4 sliders. Position an image on a surface
There's a most recently used file list in the file menu for faster access to the images you use the more often. MRU STL file list
PhotoToMesh can now read 8 bit TIF monochrome images, often used in medical imaging.
When changing the background to your image you get a realtime update in the vignette preview dialog.
STL file size is shown as you change the two main sliders.
There is a minimum base height for rectangular meshes of 0.0001.
You can quickly get information about your computer's graphics driver.  



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