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Paisley Patterns

The Paisley pattern motif is believed to have evolved out of a stylized plant form (or maybe a vase with flowers) and is found in seventeenth century Indian cashmere shawls. The examples shown below have been created with a software program called Gliftex.

Some Paisley Pattern Examples

The program is interesting because even with this restricted specification (Paisley pattern) it can produce very different final designs:

Even more Paisley Pattern Examples

The designs become tileable (repeatable) with a single click of you mouse button, and you can choose to have a single repeatable tile or 2x2 or 4x4 etc.

Download Gliftex Free Now

The program even allows you to choose color schemes based on pictures that you give to it. So you are able to make quite subdued but still interesting Paisley patterns:

Paisley Pattern Examples (low saturation examples)

At only $14.99 Gliftex is very affordable for most craft hobbyists and a free download is available for you to try. Click below to see Sue Chastain's review of Gliftex on About.com:

Gliftex Review







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