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How to keep the background white

One customer asked me if/how she could keep the background white while exprimenting with other aspects of the design. There is a partial answer: Once you have your starting image, follow these steps:

Step 1) Click on Change Individual Colors (in the center of the bar on the left of the screen) and set the dialog which pops up as follows:

Note the first check box is "Fixed" and the color for the background is selected as white. Click on OK. A new image will be generated.

Step 2) Play with the three creation buttons, and put the three combos at whatever setting you want, except for the Interpretation combo, which you should never set at Full Auto:

Why is Gliftex like this? Because the first element, "Form", has nothing to do with color. It knows nothing about color. The next element "Color Scheme" has been told explicitly to keep the background white.

However "Interpretation" changes how many colors there are in the final image, and how they are chosen for different parts of the image, so when you go "Full Auto" it believes you mean what you say. There is a tight connection between color scheme and interpretation because the interpretation contains the names of the colors (Leaf Outline) for example, even though it does not contain the color itself.

Could this be changed? Should this be changed? If you have any questions contact me.

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