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How to draw a rose window style decoration.

Here are some examples of the sort of image I am thinking about:

Rose Window Examples

The easiest way to see how to create designs like this is as follows:

Step1: Run the program and click on the "create" icon: in the top left of the program window. The image which is made will almost certainly not have anything to do with Rose Windows, but we are getting there!

Step 2: Right click on the image and select "Change Form..." from the menu which will pop up :

Change form to Rose Window menu

Step 3: From tne dialog which pops up choose the "Rose Window" form:

Selecting the Rose Window form

Step 4: Next you will be shown a dialog where you can change the settings of the Rose Window decoration. You will see the preview change as you change the settings:

Dialog box for changing Rose Windows form settings

Although the window looks quite simple at the moment, it will be made more interesting in the next step. Anyway, click on OK and see what the program creates.

Step 5. Put both the color scheme panel and the interpretation panel into "Full Auto". Simply setup the program's two combo boxes like this:

Full Auto Rose Window Settings

Step 6. Experiment with the colors by clicking on the icon. You will be able to fix the colors to whatever you want, but this icon is a good way of experimenting with possible rose window color schemes.

Step 7. Experiment with the "interpretation" by clicking on the icon. using the interpretaion. The interpretation changes how the program draws (or interprets) the simple form you set in the first dialog of this tutorial.

I cannot tell you what you will see (the program is too imaginative for that!) but here are two more examples of what the program made for me:

Two more rose window examples.

Now of course you can save the image or refine the colors, forms and interpretations further. The tutorials in the help file explain how. Gliftex Home only costs $14.99 and there is a free demo which you can download, so you can try before you buy.

The demo has simple step by step tutorials included in the help file. Gliftex can be used for many other overall (and non) patterns, like floral designs and mandala designs.



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