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Floral Design Software for Windows.

This program creates many sorts of images, patterns and designs, but for the moment let's concentrate on the floral design aspects. We'll start with a few example images:

Floral Design Examples

These designs can be seamless (for use in overall applications like textiles or web backgrounds or scrap booking) or they can be centralised stand-alone designs for decoraive and embellishment purposes.

The program is reasonable priced ($14.99) and a demo is available so you can try it before you buy it. (There is a PRO version which costs more, $24.99, but whether you need the extra capbilities or not is for you to decide. One of the features of the PRO version is PostScript output which makes it an Adobe Illustrator compatible floral design program. More about the PRO features here).

The program is also quite easy to use, and there are floral design tutorials on this site and in the help pages of the program itself. One of the nicest things is that you can create your own natural color schemes from your own photographs! Just drag the photo into the program and follow the instructions. And different color schemes can be applied to different floral desgns as shown below;

Floral textile design program

Basically you choose an overall form, then a color scheme and then how the form will be drawn. This last is called a "graphical interpretation". Image below shows how the trree things come together:

Green Flowers on a Trellis (Floral textile design program)

The program does the rest! Of course you don't have to use pictures of plants for the color scheme and you don't have to use a trellis as the basic form. For example:

Floral Design (Sky blue abstract)

You can change the basic layout altogether:

Subdued colors floral design

Or you can really go crazy and use the programs "random colors" setting:

Floral textile design program

Here is one last image, a decorative floral design which could be used as a book cover or as part of a title page:

Decorative blue and green floral design

Click below for the free demo of the Gliftex.
dwonload Floral textile design program

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