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Ditisie and calico design software.

It is hard to distinguish with certainty the difference between "ditsie" and "calico" designs. Probably ditsie designs are more spacious and maybe frivolous, whereas calico designs are denser and very often floral based. So with this tentative classification lets look at two ditsie designs created with Gliftex:

Some ditsie allover designs

And now here are some calico designs created with Gliftex:

Calico Design Examples

Well as I said, there is no hard and fast rule for dividing "calico" from "ditsie". For example could the very similar designs below be distinguished as shown?

Calico and ditsie designs compared

They both have the same color scheme, and basic form. In fact they were created using the same dialog box in Gliftex, but by moving a couple of sliders you get very different results.

The program has a free demo so you can experiment yourself with creating designs.

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