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Judy Johnston's Craft Creation

Judy has been using Gliftex for many years and here are just some of her creations where the program has played a part. The photos and the rest of the text in this page are from Judy herself:

Craft Creations (Judy Johnson )

I was making a Christmas card for my Dad and discovered Tea Bag Folding, also known as Miniature Kaleidoscope Origami. You might have heard of it but it was news to me. It's popular with scrapbooking types and PSP users. There are several sites with free tiles, usually made with a kaleidoscope filter in Paint Shop Pro. I didn't see the point of that when you're folding a kaleidoscope, so I went into Gliftex and generated a mixture of things in 1.5-inch and 2-inch squares. I saved large files so I could print them at 300 dpi for the best detail and clarity, unlike the web patterns which were all 72 dpi.

Gradients look very well in these folded patterns and Gliftex can of course create those as well as complementary triads and other beautiful, fluid blends of colours. The linear aspects remain crisp unlike raster filters which tend to make designs look fuzzy and blurry. There is also a tiling feature in Gliftex so no problem there. I worked up a few examples. With the work and time involved in cutting and folding I prefer the freshness of Gliftex tiles, colour schemes and forms. I wouldn't think of using anything else to design this sort of item.

Paper Craft Roundels (Judy Johnson )

Apart from coordinating themes for parties, weddings and showers using the Color from Image facility to make accessories like napkin holders, place cards, cards for presents and other small decorative items, I think it's great for taking a piece of wrapping paper and generating a few designs to make gorgeous coordinating rosettes for bows. As usual, there are endless possibilities. I couldn't find one site online that even mentioned Gliftex in relation to making patterns for this craft, or offered Gliftex tiles for download to make various folded patterns. I couldn't believe it. It's the program I first thought of.

Purple Paper Craft (Judy Johnson )

Thanks again for a great program!

Craft Playing Cards (Judy Johnson)

Craft boxes and crayons (Judy Johnson )

All the above designs were make with Gliftex, a Windows pattern making program which you can try for yourself by downloading the free demo version:

Download Gliftex Pattern Maker

You can download the free demo here.

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"Gliftex is super useful for many things including surface design ideas for fabric printing, scrapbooking, quilting and creating imagery for polymer clay transfers not to mention ideas for stitching. Gliftex is my favourite tool for generating colour and design ideas and for helping me overcome creative block. As an added bonus, Gliftex can also be used as a colour scheme aid!"

- from the Cochenille Design Studio blog.



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