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Creating color schemes from an image

Images are natural sources for color schemes, as long as you have taken a photo of a natural scene or object of course. As you can see from this dialog:

Natural Color Schemes From Nature

you can create color schemes from any image. Simply click on the image you want to use and then on OK. Gliftex will use only colors from that image.

You can also add images to use in these sorts of color schemes. Just bring in the image via the clipboard or from an image file. Under the "Color Schemes" menu click on the "Manage Color Schemes" and you will get this dialog. If you have an image in the Windows clipboard you can then click on the "Add from clipboard..." button as shown below.

More Nature Based Color Schemes

You can also bring in whole files. The clipboard method may be better because most programs allow you to select the area of the image you want to copy into the clipboard.

Here are some more color schemes created with this method:

Natural Green Based Color Scheme from photo

Natural Golden Brown Based Color Scheme from photo

Natural Goat Fur Based Color Scheme from photo

Natural Flower Based Color Scheme

Natural Rock Based Color Scheme

Natural Fruit Based Color Scheme

Natural Pre-Raphealite Based Color Scheme

Other color schemes

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