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An easy to use background design program.

One of the biggest problems of designing seamless backgrounds is just that : making them seamless! This program somehow manages it just by clicking on the "tiling on" check box. First let's start with some example background designs:

Background design example 2 (allover)Background design example 1 (allover)

If you look carefully at the first "allover" designs above (the green one on the left) you'll see that the this can easily form a background because none of the objects go "outside the tile".

The second brown "allover" on the right though is more complex, but if you look carefully you'll see that objects which go out of the left hand edge come back in on the right hand edge. And the same with objects which go out of the top edge come back in at the bottom edge.

To prove this here is two of those tiles side by side:

Allover design with stars (seamless tiling)

And the great thing about Gliftex is that all you have to do is click on the single check box in the dialog below:

How to enable seamless tiles for "repeats"

Now, how do you create the original design? There are links to some tutorials at the end of this page, but basically you just run Gliftex and then click on the icon until you find something you like, and then refine the design to your own taste. Is it really that easy to make background designs? Well, yes, but you should do the tutorials in order to get the finest control over the colors and forms used in the patterns.

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