AutoCAD Plugins with C# setup
Adding your own C# commands to AutoCAD
BlockTable vs BlockTableRecord vs BlockReference
Loop over all open drawings C#
Open a drawing using C#
.NET and AutoCAD and C#
Debug messages in C#
Erase an entity in C#
GetItemByName for Document
Loop over all entities in a drawing
Read and write a DXF file with C#
Create text entity in C#
Count model space entities
Loop over entities in a block
Use filters to select entities in a drawing C#
Bounding points in MTEXT
When to use Dispose?
Extents of a drawing using C Sharp
MText and DBText in C#
IsLayout on a BlockTableRecord
Get text input from the AutoCAD command prompt in C#
Get Block Attribute Tags
eNotImplementedYet explanation
C# .NET TransactionManagers
Attribute value changer in C#

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