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Vignette Blur - or how to blur only the edges of an image using Repligator

People often ask how to blur only the edges of an image (sometimes called "Targeted Focus"), it can be done very easily with Repligator. An example will show how. Imagine that we start with this photo

and we want to blur only the edges. We can one use one of two effects to do this, Motion Blur or Transparent Split. Here is the Motion Blur version:

Vignette Motion Blur

To get this effect simply bring your image into Repligator and select Motion Blur as the effect to apply. When the Motion Blur dialog comes up simply copy the settings you see below:

Motion Blur Dialog

I have found that diagonal direction motion blur looks better than horizontal or vertical motion blur when doing vignettes (i.e. we only want to blur the edges). Note that in the bottom right of the above dialog we have selected "Elliptical Vignette" as the mixing option. This means that the center of the image will not have the motion blur effect.

An alternative way of getting a similar effect is to use Repligator's Transparent Split effect:

In this case you choose the Transparent Split effect. Then when the dialog pops up select the settings shown in the dialog box below:

Again note that the mixing option has been set to Elliptical Vignette.

Of course you can experiment with the settings, maybe trying Circular Vignette, or changing the mix percentage, or the sharpness of the change from unblurred image to blurred image. See also this article, which uses the Blur filter introduced in Repligator V14.


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