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How to fade an image to a web page background

Sometimes you have a photograph or other image which you want to blend in seamlessly with the backgound of a web page, below is an example of what I mean:

In the above example we have a vignette fade to white, but later in this article I'll show you other colors and other geometries. Here is the single simple dialog box where you adjust all the settings (with an immediate preview):

You choose your color in any of three ways, whichever is the simplest for you. If you have the web page open on the same screen as the program you can simply drag the mouse from the rectangle (middle left in the screenshot above) to the wen page. The mouse will turn to a dropper tool and you can pickup the color you want.

Alternatively you can click on the "Choose..." button and select from the standard Windows color selection dialog.

The most difficult option is to type in the hexadecimal code for the color. If you don't understand what this means then simply use the other two options.

Here is a table where the cells have odd background colors to illustrate how the fading works with no-white backgrounds:

The color are garish, I admit, but they do illustrate how easy it is to match abitrary colors bt dragging from the dialog to the web page. Also note that the bottom two examples have different "geometries". One is a rectangular mix and the other is a left to right mix.

You can try the quick experiment yourself by downloading the program here.

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