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Turn your photos into real disasters!

This short tutorial explains how to get from this tranquil scene . . .

. . . to this heavy sky cloudy flooded disaster:

We will apply the Repligator's Clouds effect to the top of the image, and then apply Repligator's Horizon Ripples effect to the bottom of the image.

Step 1: Open the image of the tranquil scene you want to wreak disaster on and choose the clouds effect. In the mix options select Top-Bottom as shown below:

Set the Mix Percentage at 61% and the Mix Sharpness at 50%. As you can see in the preview above, the top of the image has a dark threatening cloud. You can actually choose other settings of course, changing the colors of the clouds and cloud detail etc. Play with the sliders until you are happy.

Click on OK to create the new image:


Step 2: Add flood water to the bottom of the image. Here we use Repligator's Internal Copy and Paste function. This is the F10 key or the icon in the toolbar. You will be asked which effect to apply to the new image, choose Horizon Ripples, and set the parameters to something like the following:

Now hit OK and you get your disaster image in seconds:

Of course you can apply the same effect to portraits as well as landscapes...

Endless hours of fun!

Another example of combined effects.

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