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Combining two graphics effects within the same image (without "layers"!)

Starting with your original image you may want to have, for example, a sepia effect on one the left and a warhol effect on the right. Repligator has 100 special effects, so you have a huge choice of the actual filters to use.

Lets start with that initial idea. First open your image and click on OK to the wizard dialogs. You'll get to this dialog within a few clicks:

Sepia Effect Selection

Select the Sepia filter. What you see in the right hand image may be different from the example above. Now click on the "Fine tune..." button (at the extreme right under the right hand image), and you will get a dialog like this:

Sepia Effect Settings

Choose, in the mix combo box, "Left-Right". Yuo can see that the left of the image is sepia and the right of the image has not been changed. The sharpness of the mix can be set to whatever you want. Now click on OK and the graphics program will create your new image.

Ok, now we want to add an Andy Warhol Effect to the right of the image. All we have to do is imagine that the half-sepia image is our original and work on that. Repligator provides a simple way of doing that, simply click on the "internal copy-and-paste" icon in the toolbar. That is the one at the extreme right of the image below, with the two pieces of paper on the clipboard:

Repligator Toolbar

Again you will get the filter selection dialog:

Warhol Effect Selection

But this time with the half sepia image on the left. Again what you see in the right hand image may be different from what is shown above. Select the Warhol effect from the list in the middle, and then click on "Fine tune...". You will see the Andy Warhol filter dialog. Set them to whatever you want, but make sure that the mix setting is set to Right Left:


Warhol Filter Settings

:Click on OK and you are done!

This was one example, but with 100 filters to choose from and mixing left-right, top-bottom. inner-outer the possibilities are endless! And remember at no time did my hands leave the ends of my arms, and I did no use layers.

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