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Review of "Vision And Art" by Margaret Livingstone. This book is about the physics and biology of seeing, and how artists have (sometimes unknowingly) exploited quirks in our visual system...
How to blur the edges of an image, and how to control the extent and amount of blur.

MegaPixels and Inches explained! This short simple article will help you understand Digicam MegaPixels, as well as why more is not always better!

How to merge images with a WEB page background
Strange emotions when filtering from left to right!
How to conserve your digital images. Tips on keeping your important images images intact.
How to blur only the edges of an image This article shows you how to quickly mix your original image with a blurred version only near the edges. (A "blurred vignette" effect.)
Claude Monet and the Windows XP shutdown dialog This article shows how the Windows XP interface designers got it horribly wrong. They confused art with engineering.

How to choose the image file format for your needs. PNG? JPG? GIF? What is all this stuff?

DPI and PPI explained. A quick explanation of what Pixels Per Inch and Dots Per Inch really means.
Hiding those pixels! How to increase apparent resolution of your images using a low down trick!
George Haite - Victorian Textile Designer. George Haite was one of the most important pattern designers of the "old school" during Queen Victoria's ascension.

Livio Borghi the artist who draws multicolored moving shadows of trees on walls.
GUI Design - some high level ideas this article gives a very quick summary of just some of the more interesting ideas of Alan Cooper (the "father of Visual Basic")

Genetic Art and Natural Color Schemes. With the cheap computers, and cheap digital cameras it is possible to store and retrieve color schemes which you find around you....

More on Natural Color Schemes. Sometimes it is hard to come up with a color scheme for our WEB pages or art and craft works, but nature gives us a head start if we want to observe it...
Ramon Llull, A Generative Priest Llull wrote on love, war, alchemy, religion. He invented a mechanical way of combining words, thus ideas...and maybe graphical ideas...?
How to make photos from disaster zones in your back yard This article shows you how to add dark threatening clouds and flood water to a photograph. Another example of combined effects.
A possible future for computer aided idea generation. Adrian Ward says "Programming is no less an artform than painting is a technical process". I agree
LENI Control Systems
LENI Control Systems vs LENI Control Techniques. LENI is so complicated it can be easy to confuse control systems with control techniques...
Ransen's Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator (LENI) Blog, Overview of the LENI EN 15193-1 formulas.





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